Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gallery Pictures and New Works in Progress

I took some photos of my paintings at Maisie & Mac gallery this week and thought I would share, it gives an idea of scale in context of the pieces, I feel.

I have been working on a new series of paintings and here is a wee taster:

I am working hard to convey the essence of a place, leaving out the extraneous detail, trying to get to the heart of an experience.  Not easy to do, but I am enjoying the challenge!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Drying Rack

I have quite a few smaller panels on the go at the moment and reached a point where I had so many to paint and not enough places to store them while they dried.

This little gizmo, a dish-drying rack is just perfect - now I just have to find a space to put it where it won't topple over!

See all those paintings on there?  Yup, I have been painting, more about those at a later date.

(Also, I am sorry not to be following blogs at the moment, I am trying to find a new blog reader to replace the Google one which is being discontinued.)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Works in Progress from Sketchbook Studies

After sending off all my paintings to the gallery, I decided to clean and repaint the studio and it is only today that I got some serious painting done.

Working in oils from a an old sketch only - I have no photographs to help and I cannot remember where the scene is apart from possible in Grantown on Spey area in Scotland (along the whisky trail).

I had previously worked the underpainting in crimson, yellow and cerulean blue, establishing the main shapes.  Today, I worked in local colour all over and now it is too wet to do anything else until it dries a little.  I want to establish some more shadows and put in some highlights.

It has been fun to do as the sketch isn't very detailed and this has forced me to work loosely which is what I am aiming to do with my painting.