Wednesday, 22 June 2011


At last I have a new painting completed and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Finally, I am feeling more comfortable both with the oils as well as painting the landscape.  I have stopped wanting to chuck the oils out and paint still life in watercolour!

This is a scene of Lake Buttermere in the English Lake District, a very beautiful place with a lovely walk along its banks.

Never fear, I haven't forsaken Scotland - if the weather improves for the weekend, I intend to do some plein air painting locally when I can figure out a way to carry my gear on my bike.  Whether I show the results or not remains to be seen!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully painted Rolina, it has a look of watercolour even though painted in oil and a very calm serene feeling to the whole painting. Great stuff. Mark Lawton-Browne

Becca said...

Beautiful painting on this one, the colors sing!

Caroline said...

Well done Rolina on painting this in oils. Lovely composition I like the way the eye is led into the distance along the lake. Nice colour choice too. Depicts a nice summer's day too. Makes a change from all the rain we have been having. Hope the sun is shining over with you. I am seeing a bit of sun here today, oh it has just gone again!

Taylor said...

Wonderful reflections and great composition, I love it! I look forward to seeing what's next. Thanks for your comment :)