Monday, 1 August 2011

More Progress and a New One

Thanks for the lovely comments on my landscape piece, it is still coming along nicely and I am really enjoying working on it.  Here it is as of last night:
There is much more I need to do on this still.  As it is quite large, I am working from top to bottom rather than all over like I usually do and I still have much of the foreground to put in.  Once it has dried enough I shall work all over it again, refining it further.  

On Saturday, I was unable to work on it once I had got some colour in, so I began my next painting, here it is just sketched in with a burnt sienna wash:
As I don't like to use solvents or any other quick drying medium, just linseed if I need the paint to spread easier, drying time is a bit longer, so something else to work on may help my productivity.  

Having said that, I feel that having a larger piece may mean that I can work on different areas while the other dries. 


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Rolina!... I became aware of your lovely and interesting site through Keith Tilley's equally wonderful site!

Your recent piece is moving along in a spectacular manner... due to your patient approach to painting.

Even in its "purple" stage ... everything was there... though monochramtic... simply there!

As well... I very much enjoyed your watercolour still life explorations into symbolism... interesting... and masterfully handled I might add!

I look forward to future visits to see your progress and new work!

Good painting!... and happy Summer!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman

Kathy Cousart said...

This is beautiful! Really enjoyed seeing your process. Loving that sky! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting- fun world!!

suzanneberry said...

your work is beautiful! i love seeing your process. thanks for dropping by and for your comment. so glad to have discovered your work too!

Tina Collins said...

Beautiful work Rolina, I totally love your landscapes and they are not usually my 'thing' sorry but its Constables fault. You just create very beautiful paintings, contemporary but not gimmicky. I'd love to see one in real life but perhaps a bit of a close up would be good? Oh, and if I havent already said your photos are pretty awesome too, is there no end to your talents?

Sandra Heading said...

Oily chics rock at everything In my book !!!! beautiful