Sunday, 18 September 2011

In 50 Years - let us begin

I have blocked in my next painting in the theme of "In 50 Years" - it is a local view that one day in the distant future may be developed with housing and/or windfarms.

It is another 3 foot wide painting, and I have just put in the larger blocks of colour for now.  Can hardly wait to develop it some more (although, oddly, I rather like it at this flat stage).


Tina Collins said...

Lovely start, I'll be watching it progress. No to wind farms and housing!!!!

Rolina said...

Thanks Tina, I don't mind the odd turbine, but not swathes of them and I know we need more housing, but consideration must be taken on the enviromental impact and the danger to Scotland's beauty which may be lost forever.

Michael Bailey said...

Very nice composition and start to this one, Rolina. I think it's great that you share your WIP with us.
We have a growing number of small wind farms (10-15) in Cambridgeshire now. I've always been a great believer in alternative energy and they do look quite majestic but keeping the balance with nature will be difficult if they start to install more.

Rolina said...

Thanks Michael, it is nervewracking showing the painting in its (extremely) raw state, usually I hide them away, but it is encouraging to have comments like yours to keep me going!

You describe exactly my feelings about wind farms - not too many is fine as we should be thinking about alternative energy, but I worry about the impact on the environment.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Rolina!... Hey!... Sometimes the block in says it all!

Your tonal control sure gives great aerial persective... and your colour scheme and horizontally interesting planes really hit the mark!

Good luck... with whatever you decide to beyond this great beginning!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Rolina said...

Thank you so much Bruce, it is a simple beginning with very limited colours/tones but is a real help for me to be able to see what goes where (otherwise I will get lost)!