Saturday, 10 September 2011

One Finished and New Ones to Start

Since returning from my holiday to visit family, I have been busy at work (one always pays for time off, I find) and I have also had an unexpected visitor staying, so my painting time has suffered slightly.

I did manage to finish my Panorama landscape and it is up on my wall awaiting final touches and varnishing:

I hinted that I may be starting another big project and I have been quietly gathering my thoughts and resources, sketching out ideas and making Plans for this project.  It is to tie in with my Art Journal and the subject title is "In 50 Years".  I plan to do some landscapes on the subject of changes over the past 50 years and possible changes over the next 50 years (exploring threats to the environment, in particular).  The body of work is to include sketches, photos and paintings (maybe even some film/sound pieces) and I am very excited to get started on this proper.  I have some promised paintings and commissions to clear out of the way, but will begin to post my ideas on this blog soon.

In the meantime, autumn is beginning to happen here in Scotland and I know I shall have to get out in the countryside for some plein air painting as the colours will be irresistable.  

On this subject, I painted this scene from my back window in spring and feel I would enjoy painting an autumn scene now that the colours are changing.  This is a week ago and already the changes are beginning to show.
The rest of today, I shall be painting, but this evening I shall visit your blogs to catch up on your posts!


Keith Tilley said...

Hi Rolina, I love the Panorama painting. The got that sense of the cloud shadows moving across the landscape perfectly. The whole painting is so luminous it just glows.

The project sounds exciting. There's plenty of food for thought there.

It's interesting to paint the same view through the seasons. I've done that myself a few times. I think it's really useful to see how colours change, especially the greens.

Anonymous said...

I so envy the view from your back window, lol!!! Beautiful. As is your work. Your new project sounds very exciting, I'm intrigued to see what you do and how the project progresses. Enjoy :) x

Michael Bailey said...

Wow, what a view Rolina. It's nice to see the seasons change - the lush grasses in your spring painting and the photo of the recent hay making. Hope you manage to get some plein air work done over the coming weeks. The colours are changing rapidly down here too and I'm keen to get out there sketching before I miss it!

Shelley Whiting said...

Your skies are majestic and terrific. Very impressive and beautiful work.

Rolina said...

Thanks Keith, for your lovely comments, I really enjoyed doing this painting and I am glad it shows.

The changing seasons are a constant inspiration, aren't they?

Linda, I feel very lucky to have such a view, it inspires me every day!

Michael, the colours are changing down south very rapidly this year due to the drought, unusually, we are behind this year in Scotland.

Thanks so much, Shelley, I really enjoy doing skies - I have managed to avoid them up until now and wonder why as they are so fun to do!