Thursday, 20 October 2011

I am a Slacker!

Well, it appears to be so, but really, again, I have been very busy at work and around the house.

My painting has not progressed as fast as I would like and I am beginning to feel a bit under pressure to get this finished and several others that are now behind and have deadlines.

Fortunately, things are quieter, I have indoor daylight bulbs and will be working hard to catch up.

Our autumn isn't looking autumnal enough round here - we seem to have slipped rather quickly into winter missing my favourite season out altogether.  I want browns, oranges and reds in the landscape and shall get out there if and when it happens.

Meantime, work on the landscape continues...


Keith Tilley said...

I love the colours in this Rolina.

It's a pity that the countryside isn't as colourful at the moment. I've noticed that too and I've been getting quite jealous of our Canadian friends, with all the amazing colours they've had over there.

After the recent gales, I've a feeling we are going to miss out on much of an autumn this year.

Rolina said...

Thanks Keith, yes the Canadians do have fabulous autumn colours, don't they? If we slip from sludgy green to white I shall be very grumy indeed!

Susan Roux said...

This is looking really nice. Sometimes life makes it difficult to schedule quality time for painting. I hope you find the colors you're looking for. In Maine they turned and fell in a week! There are still some up, but the color display this year was a dismal failure... I wish you better luck!

Rolina said...

Thanks Susan, I am still hopeful for a good range of colours this season, so long as the wind stays away long enough.

Caroline said...

Hi Rolina, lovely painting and it looks finished to me! the colours of autumn are lovely here in Moray. The oak wood is full of russet reds and gold and all around my home are beautiful changing colours. We missed all that windy weather you seem to have had.