Sunday, 23 October 2011

Two New Studies and Old Memories

I have made a start on two small studies (9 x 12") and if they work out how I want them to work out, I shall then go on to paint them larger.

Here they are on the easel with the preliminary drawings in my sketchbook underneath:

They have had a coloured wash and a bit of tone painted on since these photos and I am excited to get working on them now.

My current landscape had a lot of work done to it today and is nearing completion!

Last week, I found an old folder of some of my old student (pre university) drawings and it was a trip down memory lane for me.  We produced so much work during that time and I enjoyed reminiscing about the making of each piece. I am trying to decide whether they would be interesting to put on the blog or not.


Tina Collins said...

Not slacking now eh? Yes, put some of your older work up, its always interesting to see where an artist has come from. These landscapes are absolutely terrific, a stunning series.

Rolina said...

Thanks Tina, no, no slacking here, really (well, maybe a little bit).

I might put the old ones up for a laugh!

Anonymous said...

So pleased that your sketching and paintings are going so well. These both look really interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress :)
Thanks for your wonderful comment on my own blog - am really enjoying doing the sketchbook now - still only halfway through it though!!!
Take care x

Rolina said...

Thanks Linda - you are further along in your sketchbook than I am, it is really time I pulled my finger out!

Keith Tilley said...

Hi Rolina,

Isn't it wonderful to have sketchbooks going back through the years. I often look through mine and the memories come flooding back. Sometimes I get inspiration as well - maybe from a technique that I'd forgotten about.

Rolina said...

I love looking through old sketchbooks, Keith - so many memories, just drawing a simple sketch really imprints them on my mind!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I already like the patterning of your land masses in the composition of both of these pieces, Rolina. I will be stopping back to see how these progress!

Rolina said...

Thanks Claire, I am enjoying doing these tremendously and will update on their progress soon!

José said...

Hi Rolina,

The composition looks promising.
A good use of values will handle this work a really good sense of depth.

Take care,


Rolina said...

Thanks José,

I will pay attention to those values!