Sunday, 8 February 2015

Stencil Sunday

One of my favourite ways to include mark-making is to use my own home-made stencils.  They remind me of screen-printing and I love how I can reuse them again and again.

I use a hot stylus to burn the design and as it is held like a pen or pencil, my own hand is evident in the finished stencil.

Today's new stencil is on the top left of this painting, the interlocking squares.  This is a negative image, the stencil blocks out the paint, whereas other stencils, like the chevron to the right of it, uses the positive image.

I am still working on the theme of boundaries, so all my stencils reflect that subject in some way and this design is based on field shapes.


Sue Marrazzo said...

I like the many shapes in this one!
The squares are HOT!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great shapes and colours :)

have never used a hot stylus, afraid of starting a fire :p

April Rimpo said...

This is great! I really like the variety, yet cohesiveness.

Sheila said...

I was thinking about trying to cut a stencil the other day... didn't think about using heat. DUH... Love the scribbles. I am always drawn to how you use them. Love the mix of dark on light, and light on dark. Cool piece!

Rolina said...

Thanks Sue, Jennifer, April and Sheila!

The hot stylus is so much easier on the hands than a knife. No fires have been caused, but I have managed to burn myself several times, though!