Thursday, 26 February 2015

Work in Progress

Time has been short this week for art and I am desperate to get back to my new project.

Meanwhile, here are some more clay goddess blanks that I have sculpted.  From these I can make more elaborate ones, with individual features, holes for threading, etc.   They are just over 2" tall.

I must credit Karen Scofield for the technique of making these little pieces.

I may get a chance to make some porcelain ones at the weekend, plus I have some Cernit modelling clay on order.

The "boundaries" project is also ongoing, I have some new ideas that I want to investigate as well.


Sheila said...

Looking good :0 I love that they are small...

Chris Lally said...

It's hard to imagine that these are only 2" tall. Looking forward to seeing all of your new projects! Your beautiful blog is such a feast!