Thursday, 14 May 2015

Acrylic Mediums

What mediums do you use with your acrylics?  I have found the following to be very useful: 

Working from left to right, the large tub is Gerstaecker light modelling paste, creamy and very elastic, so doesn't crack.  It has a pleasant matt finish.  It is quite subtle, so sometimes I use the Reeves rough texture gel (at the back behind the Liquitex mediums).

Second from the right is a tin of Golden varnish, which I use at the end of a piece to finish it off and seal everything up against dust and damage. This is an acrylic resin-based varnish with UV protection, which provides a thin yet tough coating.

Sitting on top of that tin is quite an old bottle of Liquitex iridescent medium.  I only tend to use that on the goddesses for my talismans.  Mixed in with the paint, it adds a little subtle sparkle.

Third from the left, at the back, is the Reeves texture gel, which is a lovely, sandy texture.  I prefer to use Golden modeling paste, which is nice and firm and is made from marble dust.  I am out of it at the moment and must order some more in soon.

At the front of the Reeves texture gel is some Liquitex Matt medium (the one with the green label), I like the flow of this and it is good for adding to paints to thin them for washes or glazes.

It would appear odd that I also have the Daler Rowney Matt medium as well, but this is much thicker and more like a thin gel. It serves a different purpose and I tend to use it to glaze a layer, before trying out something I am unsure of, which makes it very easy to wipe off, especially when I use the Golden Open paints that I favour.

Sitting on top of that is a crackle glaze.  I had a go at this for the first time this January and I love the effect, I must use it more often!

Finally, on the far right is a bottle of Golden Open Medium, this is light and watery and perfect for watering down the Golden Opens while keeping them workable.

There are other mediums I would like to try, some with fibres in, some with little balls, some with pumice or even crystal flakes - I want to try them all over time!


Jessica P said...

"Liquitex iridescent medium."


I see you have a bunch of Happy Mediums too! My collection of acrylic mediums is small...I have the Open medium, matte medium, gloss medium, modeling, that's all I think...maybe i have another and forgot.

Liquitex. Hmmm, Golden is my go-to brand... but...

"Liquitex iridescent medium."


Rolina said...

I know! Get some, it is great and seems to last forever, a little goes a long way.

I muchly prefer Goldens, too, the quality is so good, but my supplier doesn't have all of their range, so I have to get other brands to make up the deficit and they do the job.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I don't use any lol probably should but since I am not really doing much painting at Uni, (if any since I am doing graphics) not much point going to buy any. and for varnish, I just use wood varnish lol works perfectly fine for me and its usually laying around somewhere already lol

Linda said...

I am so glad you explained all this, Chris, because I wouldn't know one from another, as the only paintings I have ever done were the paint by numbers in my childhood and early teen years.

Linda said...

I hope I said Rolina...if I said Chris please excuse the error. I have been struggling with a headache tonight.

Sue Marrazzo said...

What a cool post! I love Liquitex!

Chris Lally said...

I have received many of these items as samples at art shows & have been wondering what the heck to do with all this stuff. Thanks, Rolina. Great post!!

Cagley Art said...

Thank you for your great analysis - very helpful!

Rolina said...

Thanks for your visits everyone and your great feedback!