Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mindfulness and Art

What do you listen to when you are making art?

I am currently doing a course on Mindfulness and I love it.  It is very helpful for someone like me, who worries a lot about things.  Past hurts and future fears can spoil the current moment we are in and that is a waste of life, really.

So, as I am very busy until the end of June, which is taking me away from doing the art that I want to do, I have decided to be mindful when I do make art, to treasure the moment and enjoy the here and now.

I usually listen to the radio or an audio book when I work, but for half an hour each day, I work in my sketchbooks in silence and savour the moment.

At least I am not wishing my life away as I wait for the end of June to arrive (well, OK, maybe a bit)!


Win Dinn said...

That's a lovely practice, Rolina - I find the muse is ever more ready to show up when I'm paying her close attention. Thanks for the post!

SMV said...

So much wisdom here, Rolina. It's a good idea to savour the silence as well as the moment. Your beautiful work is so refreshing that it's difficult to imagine you sitting worrying about anything. But I realise that's not real life and we all have our issues to work through. Take time to enjoy your fabulous work - the process as much as the product. You have a wonderful gift!

Rolina said...

Thanks Win, yes, the muse responds best to gentle encouragement and one must pay attention!

Thank you Sharon, what a lovely comment, I really appreciate it!

Linda said...

I don't do art, but I can say that I love to listen to nature sounds and soothing music when I do my blog. This is beautiful, Rolina! :)

Nancy Chan said...

Rolina, there are times I will listen to music but most times when I am at my hobby, I prefer to work in silence when I am free to receive ideas.

Debbie said...

I usually talk or hum to myself while painting so I can't say I work in silence. :)

Jessica P said...

These days I usually have a show on to listen to, or a movie. I'm going through Mad Men right now.

I can (and do) go through entire movies without knowing what anyone looks like.

I have reached a point in life where - except for the things that really are important- I just don't care. It's like the opposite of anxiety. For the most part, I just couldn't care less.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

If I can get the Canadian radio stations to play nice, I tend to listen to them but if I can't and nothing interesting is on Iplayer, I just work in silence. :)

Rolina said...

Linda, I think listening to nature sounds or soothing music would be good, I will try that as an experiment soon!

Nancy, it sounds to me like you are already working in a mindful way.

I had to laugh, Debbie, I do that all the time, no matter what I am doing!

Jessica, I am hopeless at watching TV or DVDs or anything like that, I struggle to sit without doing something with my hands, so likewise, have no idea what the people look like.

Jennifer, I hope the Canadian radio is cooperative a lot of the time for you, your work looks very intense and time-consuming.