Saturday, 9 July 2011

Beeswax Collage Revisited

While looking for my bookbinding kit so I could get started on pimping my sketchbook (see previous post), I found this little beeswax collage that I had made (and not sold) many years ago.  I used to make these a lot and they were great fun.  You can see more in my Mixed Media page, here on this blog (link just underneath the banner).

They were very popular too and sold all over the world.  I used to enjoy using up those little bits of drawings, etchings, screen prints, found ephemera and papers by creating collages, using the beeswax as a binder instead of glue.  The benefit being that layers show through because the beeswax makes the papers transluscent.  Another benefit is that unlike glue, you can easily undo a mistake by reheating the wax if needed, to reposition an element.

I used locally sourced beeswax which made me feel connected to my community and I was always tempted to buy some jars of delicious locally made honey.  The smell of the wax melting in my wax pot was delightful.  I kind of stopped doing them when I began to paint seriously, I guess I needed the workspace and my pot got put away.  Maybe I should get it out again?


Becca said...

Yes, it is worth getting that pot out again..this is beautiful. And, I enjoyed reading about the process very much.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. I always did love your beeswax collages - they inspired me to try doing my own. Not that mine were anywhere near as good as yours were. Perhaps I should have another try too? Although, like you, I've moved on to other art forms. Always so much to explore :) x

Nancy Park said...

Every time I see one of these I'm intrigued...I love them! If I knew the method and had more kitchen space I'd give them a try. As for going to it again, it's another thing that will take your time away from where you're using it now!