Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Panorama Landscape WIP2

Thankyou very much all of you who have left such positive feedback on my newest landscape.

Here is a bit more work on it, I completely changed the sky as I thought the clouds were a bit too pointy and unrealistic.
This is it just blocked in and I will add the lighter parts of the clouds in a day or two.  I am having great time working at this size and format - and on canvas, for a change!


Sandra Heading said...

Looking great girl!!! cant wait to see where you take this !!

Michael Bailey said...

Fantastic sky and that blue is just perfect. I'm interested to see how you develop the painting from your initial underpainting.

Rolina said...

Thank you very much Sandra and Michael, I wish I knew where I was taking this as well, lol! Time will tell, I suppose.

Keith Tilley said...

Yes I think the sky is better. It was a bit cramped in the previous one.