Thursday, 23 April 2015

Open Studios 2015

My Open Studio 2014
Every year at the first weekend of May (2nd, 3rd and 4th this year), there is a huge Open Studio event in this area.  I tend to take part every other year to give me a chance to rebuild my inventory of paintings and catch up with commissions.

An additional benefit to taking time off is a chance to visit the other artists and see their work, because there is absolutely no time at all while you are hosting your own event!

I have enjoyed looking through the brochure to choose who to visit and have decided on:

Helen Glassford, who paints beautiful atmospheric landscapes - she has a lovely studio overlooking the River Tay and her work is displayed to great effect there.

Morag Muir paints gorgeous, rich, lively acrylic still life, she too has a lovely view of the River Tay as she lives just a couple of streets away from Helen.  Her work is very vibrant and reminds me of Indian textile work.

Jonathan Dowling's work is mostly drawings on paper, but he also has some pastel work and some fabulous drawings on wood that he cuts from a local woodland.  They are unusual and very beautiful.

Dominique Robertson is a weaver and she has an exhibition of the process of her work as well as some demonstrations, where possible.

Siv MacArthur lives locally to me and I have never visited her studio before. Her work is a vibrant mixture of many mediums and subjects, so it will be an interesting visit, I am sure.

I am intrigued by Katy McKidd Stevenson's work, so I will try and pay her studio a visit.  She works in portraiture and creates imaginative scenarios and I would like to see them in the flesh.

I shall visit Nichola Martin, who was at university with me, it will be interesting to see how her work has evolved since then. She used to work mainly in charcoal, but she is introducing colour and using paints now.

and as many more as I can fit in around my Open Studio Shed duties.

The shed is a collaborative work by the OS participants and it is sited at the Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse (outside Cupar, near Ceres and Chance Inn).  The shed has decorated chairs, tiles on the floor, stained glass windows, handmade bunting, painting, a house on the roof and much more. 

I can hardly wait!


Sandy Sandy said...

Looks like such fun with some amazing artists! Thanks for sharing, Rolina. :-)

martine paquet said...

Good luck and have lot of fun...Lucky you!

Rolina said...

Sandy, it is a great arty scene round here, I love it!

Thank you Martine, it is going to be great!

Chris Lally said...

Love your choices, Rolina! I can't think of anything I enjoy more than open studio tours. Good luck in the shed. Hope to hear more.

Win Dinn said...

What a wonderful range of artistry - it's no wonder you need to do it only every alternate year. How could you enjoy the works otherwise? Thanks for showing off your artistic neighbourhood.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the one in Angus is in a few weeks, and there are a few in Kirrie, should try to go but not sure if I will have the time :/

Rolina said...

Thanks Chris, I have been taking part and/or visiting them for years (argh, decades!) and enjoy it so much.

Winn, it is such a great art scene in this area, plus there are others at different times of the year at neighbouring counties.

Jennifer, try to see some if you can, it is a useful exercise for when you start holding them!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

could never hold one here, would mean having to clean the studio lol

Rolina said...

That is a major downside!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I really do need to have a big clear out this summer to make room to fill it back up with stuff next year :p

Linda said...

Some lovely paintings!