Sunday, 11 January 2015

Day 11 - A Snow Day

Snow Day: 9"x9"
Our weather here today is very cold and many parts of Scotland have snow, but here on the coast we have escaped with a minor dusting, apart from the hills.

I think this may have affected today's painting, somehow!


I started with some stretched lightweight canvas.  My sewing machine hates the heavy canvas that I normally use for my oil pantings and I wanted to keep my options open in case stitching was needed.  It wasn't.
I applied some modeling paste through a chain-link stencil and some scrim before painting all over with gesso.
The next stage is my favourite, I just work layer upon layer of paints, knocking back, bringing forward until I am satisfied.  I applied some tissue horizontally across the painting to reduce the strength of the chain-link fence and then painted some more.
I tried a little crackle glaze at the top right, wasn't too keen on the result, so painted over it.  I pondered for a while, it looked unfinished until I added the scribing with the white marker pen and now it is complete.


Cagley Art said...

This is just beautiful!

Sandy Sandy said...

I love this piece and I appreciate you telling how it came about. I am intrigued by your paintings and your process Rolina.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really enjoying all these paintings :D

we got a bit of snow but thankfully most of it seems to be gone. We live so much higher than say in Dundee, no snow there but we might have a foot :p haven't gotten that much snow since 2010 thankfully

Sheila said...

Yes, I love reading about your process too Rolina :) Beautiful! Hope you stay warm, we are cold again here today in Southern California. Dreary and rainy... I am enjoying it :)

Joyfulartist said...

I try to visit a new artist each day. This is a wonderful piece and I appreciate that you tell us how it was done. The white calligraphy makes it complete.

Rolina said...

Thanks Connie and Sandy!

Jennifer, glad it is ok over your way - now it is blowing a gale here.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

same here, things are flying around outside :p Wouldn't surprise me if there area a few trees down on the road

Rolina said...

There's been a loud crash outside (I live in the centre of town), something has been blown over!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully nothing is damaged!

April Rimpo said...

You process is always so interesting to read and the results, beautiful. I don't feel chained in. :-)

Rolina said...

Thanks April! It always amazes me how fences occupy even the most remote of places, but they are easily scaled, thankfully.