Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 23 - The Blues

Thank goodness it is Friday - this week has been very busy and I have had to give up sleep in order to get my paintings done every day.

Today's painting is all about blue, I have to accept that I am a sucker for this colour, there is no denying it.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I am very glad that its Friday, can sleep in tomorrow :p

nothing wrong with using one colour more than another, starts to become part of an artists style when they use the same colour over and over again :)

Rolina said...

I fully intend to not get up until I am ready tomorrow morning, after this week, it will be pure bliss.

Thanks for the blue encouragement, it is hard to resist and you are right, it does become a signature of sorts.

Enjoy your lie in tomorrow if you can manage it!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

probably will end up getting up early :p either dog or the realization I need to get work done for Uni :p

enjoy your lie in :)

Sandy Sandy said...

Beautiful painting and beautiful hues. I think this blue has made its way into just about every piece in the 30 in 30 so far hasn't it? Your work is fabulous, Rolina!

Cagley Art said...

I'm sorry about the lack of sleep - however if that's what it takes to produce such beautiful creations - bless that insomnia! LOL

I love the areas of transparency and overlay. Enjoy your Saturday!

Sheila said...

LOVE! As far as i am concerned, you can never have enough blue! Everything about this just works like magic!

Rolina said...

Thanks so much Sandie, Connie and Sheila, glad you all approve of the blue!