Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day 17 - Adding Oil Pastel

9"x9" on Canvas
Today's painting had similar problems to yesterday's, the scrim on the right was very heavy, so I knocked it back with the paste and tissue.

I finished off with the bright green oil pastel and I really enjoy the interaction of the colours.


Sandy Sandy said...

Oh Rolina, I really like this one. It conjures up feelings of the Middle East, boundaries or fences and ancient influences / stories. You have inspired me to try some different substrates and add some mixed media into my work.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

def. reminds me of the middle east with the blue shapes against the gold :D

Ronda Stephens said...

I love the colors and the green detail is perfect.

Cagley Art said...

I can see no 'problems' here - this is wonderful!!!

Rolina said...

Thank you very much Sandy, Ronda, Jennifer and Connie! You all help me to look at my own art with fresh eyes!