Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mixed Media Explorations

Mixed Media Techniques: Modelling Paste
I have been persuaded to take part in Leslie Saeta's Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days challenge and have decided to revisit mixed media techniques, while working in the theme of "boundaries".

So, during January I will be exploring these different mixed media techniques, focusing on one each day, although more than one may be used in each painting.  Working on 6x6" paper, I intend to bind them into a personal reference book.  Here are the 30+ techniques I am going to experiment with (I may add more as I think of them):

  1. modelling paste
  2. plaster
  3. home-made texture paste
  4. stencils
  5. transfers
  6. sgraffito/scraping
  7. mark-making with tools
  8. masking
  9. spraying
  10. sponging
  11. collage
  12. printmaking/handmade stamps
  13. wax, cold wax and encaustic
  14. metallic paints and interference medium
  15. watercolour glazes
  16. Tyvek (painted, applied then burnt)
  17. hand sewing
  18. machine sewing
  19. working outside the boundaries
  20. bright colour
  21. neutral colour
  22. monochromatic colour
  23. blocks and lines
  24. curves and circles
  25. batik with PVA
  26. wax resist
  27. rubbings
  28. applying paint with alternative tools: brayer, card, knives etc.
  29. text
  30. negative spaces
  31. crackle glaze


bobbie said...

Love you shapes and colors.

Anonymous said...

I think your theme of using these different techniques will be great to follow. I haven't used many of these techniques so a little info on the one you featured would be great. This painting is great fun.

Rolina said...

Thanks Bobbie!

Anonymous, that is a great idea - I will do that, thank you.

Kathy Elliott said...

Rolina, I am so glad I found your paintings and your web site! You have amazing work and beautiful landscapes to work with!
I look forward to entire 30 days!

Rolina said...

Thanks Kathy, yes I love it here!

Jessica P said...

What a fascinating journey you are undertaking!!