Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 2 - Mixed Media Techniques

Today's technique is hand-sewing onto canvas. 

Size: 6" x 6"
Support: Canvas
Theme: Boundaries


Using PVA Glue, I adhered some scrim (cheesecloth) onto the canvas and when it was dry, I did some freestyle stitching directly through the canvas and then applied acrylic gesso all over the entire piece. After many layers of scumbled acrylic paint (crimson, cerulean, raw umber, ultramarine, cadmium yellow), switching to paint brushes, I began to bring some areas forward and knocked some back so the spiral is more evident.  The straight lines to the right of the spiral were made by cutting out  shapes in masking tape and painting over them before removing the tape.

Sewing on to canvas wasn't too difficult and I am very pleased with the result, it worked very well with my theme of "boundaries". I shall experiment with sewing onto 300gsm watercolour paper in the future.

Yesterday's Mixed Media Technique - Modelling Paste

I have been asked to talk some more about yesterday's painting and how I used the modelling paste.  Most of the products I am using are manufactured by Golden, and I used Golden Molding Paste which is marble dust in an acrylic medium.  I used part of a stencil to apply the paste (using a plastic gift card) onto the canvas, then let it dry thoroughly (it takes several hours) before sanding it lightly and applying acrylic gesso.  I then applied lots of layers of paint and a bit of stenciling (the diamonds to the left), before concentrating on bringing some areas forward, reinstating lost areas (the circle) and knocking some parts back (to the right of the circle). 

Using the modelling paste in this way adds a little dimensionality to the painting and I like the results.  I will also explore using the paste directly to the canvas (or paper) without a stencil in further experiments.


Sue Marrazzo said...


Kelly Dombrowski said...

Gorgeous work!

Rolina said...

Thank you Sue and Kelly!

Andersson Blue Design said...

I try to leave a comment again. Hope it comes thru this time. Lovely work! I like this series already.
Andersson Blue Design

April Rimpo said...

Love this and thank you for the explanations.

Rolina said...

It worked, Andersson Blue! Many thanks for your encouraging comment.

Rolina said...

Many thanks for stopping by and for your comment, April!

Kathy Elliott said...

I love the stitching. I have been experimenting with stitching on 140 and 300 lb watercolor paper, as well as some lovely hand made paper I lucked into.
I had not thought of canvas. I will!

Rolina said...

Thanks Kathy. Yes, sewing on canvas is not difficult at all. I am looking forward to trying it on paper and using the sewing machine at some stage!